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Special pricing for couples who book with our preferred venues and/or venders!

Choosing the right photographer is one of the most important choices to make while planning your special day. Choosing a package that covers everything that you want captured is key. In 10, 20, or even 30 years when you look back on your wedding, whether it's just wanting reminiscing, or showing your family and friends, the main thing you have to look back on are the images captures by your photographer.

Engagements & Proposals

There is nothing more elegant, enchanting, and fun filled, than spending some time at a great location capturing the love and excitement of your engagement!

A and A
A and N-416
B and K-77
O and C-373
O and C-3
T and K-418
A & J-340
D & T_-3
C and D-197
L & R-6
A & L (359 of 746)
A & L (518 of 746)
A & J (430 of 809)
E & C (428 of 701)
K & S-573
V & A-433

Proposals: $350*

Special pricing for couples who book with our preferred venues and/or vendors!

Whether I'm capturing the moment while you drop down on one knee and ask the biggest question of your lives or I act like a new photographer approaching the two of you to model for me, nothing is more special than capturing your first step into the future with the one you love! We can do this in many creative ways. Then once they say yes, and they will, the fun starts as we capture 15-30 images of the two of you sharing your the first moments of your engagement!

H & G-38
H & G-4
H & G-17
H & G-13
H & G-8
H & G-21
H & G-34
H & G-33
H & G-41
H & G-43
H & G-59
H & G-42
H & G-73
H & G-44
H & G-68
H & G-74
H & G-88
H & G-107

Mini Engagements: $350*

We start by planning the perfect location for the stunning moments you would like to create, be it downtown, a stunning park in the mountains, a lake, beach, or even your own venue. We then will discuss where you want to go and what you would like. This includes props and/or ideas you may have. The big day will come and we will capture 15-30 images that can be shared with your family and friends. The session should last about 30 minutes, after which you will receive the images on a flash drive with full print rights. These images will be showcased in an online gallery, as well as on a DVD with a video slide show of all your stunning images set to music of your choice.

G and C_-33
G and C_-84
G and C_-26
G and C_-39
G and C_-86
G and C_-101

Full Engagements: $450*

In addition to planning a stunning location, props, and ideas your interested in, we can venture away from that first location and head to another location. We can capture different looks and styles, as well as any ideas you might be thinking of. We will be capturing between 50-100 images and the session should last about an hour. You will receive the images on a flash drive with full print rights, which are showcased in an online gallery. In addition, the session is captured on DVD with a video slide show of all your stunning images set to music of your choice.

J and N-143
J and N-16
J and N-96
J and N-31
J and N-48
J and N-165
J and N-103
J and N-200
J and N-168
J and N-208

Wedding Packages

Special pricing for couples who book with our preferred venues and/or vendors!

Choosing a package that suits your needs is key. Ultimately, it all comes down to a couple of key factors. Price, coverage time, as well as some of the other perks included in your package among others. Whether you're interested in getting ready pictures, a first look session, pre-ceremony pictures, or perhaps just the ceremony and post-ceremony pictures, the amount of coverage time is truly key to capturing the most memories and moments of your perfect day.


Destination wedding package: $7500**

U.S. Locations ONly!

We start this adventure off with a full engagement session capturing between 100-150 images at a beautiful local location of your choice. This includes a combination of your props, ideas and a look you have been dreaming about. We will visit different areas around the area of your local location, capture 2-3 outfits of your choice, as well as capturing the love and excitement of your destination city.

We will then capture all the precious moments between the two of you and your wedding party, as well as all of your practice and rehearsals and the fun and excitement of your rehearsal dinner.

This is the perfect package to capture every moment of your special day! This package includes 10 hours of coverage of everything from start to finish. This includes both of you getting ready, the elegant ceremony as well as the post ceremony pictures.We will capture a minimum of 100 images per hour presented in three different ways. First, a flash drive of your fully edited images with print rights so you can print when, where and how many prints you would like. Second, we will host a free online gallery with your own website link so you can share that link with your friends and family, as well as, if you choose, the option to print at a huge discount from what you might find with other photographers. Last but not least, we will also put together a comprehensive slideshow on a DVD of all your images set to music from your wedding. Included in this package is a breathless 10x10, 30 page black leather bound, flush mount, image imprinted album with images you choose from your wedding, as well as two duplicate his and her parent albums for friends/family of your choice to love and enjoy for years to come.

This package also includes documentary style video by one videoographer and will include a mini camera setup (venue permitting) to capture multiple angles.This video will be edited and presented alongside your slideshow on either a separate DVD, or the same DVD depending on the amount of footage captured.

**The only two aspects not included in this package are both flight and hotel accommodations which are to be provided by the couple. Restrictions apply, travel in United States of America only. Contact Scott for more details.

* Travel fee not included. Travel set at $1 per mile round trip.

* Entry admission, parking fees, permit fees, etc. are not included and are the responsibility of the client.

Deposit policy:

To officially book our services, we require a 33% non-refundable Booking fee to secure your date and services at the time of booking. The 2nd 1/3rd non-refundable payment half way between date booked and Event date. With the remaining balance due 2 weeks prior to the Event date. Payments can be made at any time, but the balance must be paid in full no less then two weeks prior to your wedding date.


Payment Types:

We accept cash or checks as well as credit cards with a 5% processing fee added.

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